Pastry Chef

Chef Khoo

As a Senior Executive Chef, Chef Khoo brings years of culinary expertise to the students of Kompas International College. Brimming with deep passion for the pastry offerings, he continuously develops his talents & skills by playing with different ideas and recipes.

Chef Khoo started his culinary journey in the 90s when he began his internship in Shangri-La Hotel Singapore. He refined his techniques throughout the years by working in five-star hotels & prestigious restaurants. Chef Khoo offers the best of both worlds as his expertise lies in culinary & pastry.

With a string of accomplishments under his belt, it is only deserving for him to be appointed as a leader for the budding chefs in Shen Jai TVET College.

His work has appeared in magazines such as Pastry & Baking Asia Pacific. His future hope is to nurture talented young chefs & take them to the international level.

Chef Mui

As the rose among the thorns, Chef Mui is well-known for her graceful and elegant creation. Her specialty in classic & modern French pastries combined with her talents as a cake designer has led to the creation of an assortment of unique & beautiful pastries & desserts.

Her journey as a chef began in the industry, accumulating years of experience working in various patisseries. With a burning desire to expand her knowledge & upgrade herself, Chef Mui took up professional courses on a continual basis.

Throughout the years, Chef Mui has taken up positions as a pastry lecturer. Under her guidance, many of her students have learned to develop incredible skills in pastry.
Her students have won awards in various competitions such as Battle of the Chefs, Penang Halal Chef Challenge etc while others have gained success in the pastry industry by pursuing their own business.

Chef Alex

Chef Alex is a rising star.
His constant innovation and tireless dedication towards his craft has led him to where he is today.

As someone whose passion lies in baking, he becomes a self-directed professional baker by going for courses & experimenting in pastry creation.

Specializing in bread, Chef Alex pushes the boundaries by continuously creating different types of unique pastries.
His enthusiasm coupled with a flair for exquisite design has earned him awards in bread showcase competitions.
Chef Alex possesses unique skills where he is able to enhance, upgrade and boost simple pastries such as croissant, bread & buns to another level. His exceptional skill is par to none.

The accomplishments and accolades that he has received thus far only sparks the fire within him to continue his exploration &. pushing boundaries in the pastry world.

Chef Kei

Being the youngest in her team, Chef Kei brings exuberance and vitality to the team. Her creativity and passion in pastry and cake art has enabled her to infuse fresh perspective in the pastry creation.

With experience in both the industry and academic, Chef Kei is imparting her skills and knowledge to the students at Shen Jai TVET College.

Chef Mugu

Chef Mugu is an accomplished Pastry Chef with a strong combination of culinary experience & management skills. With extensive experience as a Master Baker in international & local hotels coupled with his recent ventures in the academic system, he has accumulated a vast amount of knowledge both in the industry & education sectors.
His working experience includes The Four Seasons Hotel chains & artisan bakeries throughout the world including France, Australia, India, Qatar, Macao, Singapore etc.
He has also received various awards & acknowledgements throughout his career including Bronze Medal for Artistic Bakery Showpiece in Culinary Art India & Associate Training Award of Service Westin Worldwide in Singapore.
Chef Mugu has also been featured in the news such as Indian News Today while being the Corporate Master Baker at Taj Luxury Hotels.
With his creativity & innovation in food presentation & his keen interest in producing healthy & nutritious bakeries, Chef Mugu continues to soar in his career as the Healthy Chef.
His aspiration to be the best in this industry will definitely inspire his students at Kompas International College & Shen Jai TVET College while providing the general public with a wide assortment of pastries that are delicious, decadent & densely-packed with healthy ingredients.